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Equine Therapy Services

Silver Lining Treatment proudly offers equine therapy, conducted by licensed professionals. Our staff will tailor a treatment plan for your challenges and issues to help you meet your goals...and then the horses take over! All treatment plans are overseen by Amy Jacobs, RN - BSN , who has over thirty years of horse experience and over ten years of clinical therapeutic and equine therapy experience. 

What is equine therapy? 


Equine therapy takes many forms, from psychotherapy, to physical therapy, or simply as relaxation self care. 


Who do we serve? 


We can work with many mental and emotional challenges for all ages. Our program or one of our partners can work with many physical difficulties. Examples of where equine therapy can benefit are listed below.

Why horses?


Horses have a natural empathy as members of a herd and an uncanny ability to read and react to our underlying emotions, even those we aren't aware that we have.  In addition, when we are physically and presently working through our challenges, we often find insights that we might miss in a strictly office setting.





Groundwork or riding followed by a process session will help you experience your therapy in a whole new way. Regardless of what you are working on, the horses also teach boundaries, assertiveness and communication, and you will learn to see a whole new you, starting in their gentle eyes.

Call us to schedule an assessment to see if equine therapy can help you! 


A handful of services may be covered by insurance... if you are insured, let us know and we will find out if your equine therapy may be covered. 


****Equine therapy will typically be supplemental therapy and will likely not replace your need to see outside professionals, depending on your challenges***



- Social Anxiety disorder
- Depression 
- Autism spectrum 
- Grief
- Couples/Family counseling
- Epilepsy 
- Cerebral Palsy 
- Muscular Dystrophy 
- Developmental Issues 
- Abuse Recovery 
- Traumatic Brain Injury
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